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2016 Honorees

Catherine Brewton, Hope for Harvest

By January 1, 2018May 14th, 2019No Comments

Catherine Brewton, Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations of BMI, founded Hope For Harvest, a four-day event as an effort to fund and continue the services provided by Community Outreach Christian Ministries/The Harvest Center after the passing of her mother, Pastor Barbara Brewton-Cameron. This life-changing outreach impacts the community of Charlotte, N.C., by not only providing necessary living items to Charlotte’s under-served youth but also providing an escape through music, dance and words of encouragement.

Last year, Hope for Harvest fed over 2,000 homeless citizens of the Charlotte community and raised awareness and funds towards the alleviation of homelessness. In the music industry, Catherine’s reputation proceeds her. She was named 2013 Billboard Magazine “Woman
of The Year”. Vibe, Ebony, Marie Claire and many other publications have lauded her and her many efforts for the advancement of arts, as well as her philanthropic passions.