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1998 Inductees

The LeFevres

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Inducted 1998


(1921 – 1977)     

The LeFevres were one of Southern Gospel music’s most iconic and legendary groups, influential and popular from the 1930s to the 1970s.

The LeFevres circa 1962

The LeFevres circa 1962

The story of the LeFevre family stretches back to the 1920’s in Smithville, Tennessee when, as children, brothers Urias and Alphus joined with oldest sister Maude to form a trio that became the first incarnation of more than five decades of LeFevre family singing groups.  

The LeFevre children were brought up in a family influenced by music stretching back through several generations. Urias and Alphus were taught to play instruments as youngsters and when they started singing publicly in 1921 they were proficient musicians. Nine-year-old Alphus won a local fiddle playing contest, and when teamed with Urias on guitar, the talented brothers became popular local favorites. People especially enjoyed their instrumental music but once the brothers added their voices and brought Maude’s singing into the mix, their regional popularity blossomed. It was about this time that the trio decided to set aside the country music they had been performing and focus exclusively on gospel music.

When the brothers went off to college in the late 1920s the singing careers of Urias and Alphus took a more organized direction. While attending the Bible Training School of the Church of God in Sevierville, Tennessee (now Lee University), the harmonizing brothers became the anchoring members of the Bible Training School Quartet Number Two, a group who often traveled the region representing the college. 

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