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2021 Inductees

The Isaacs

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She was born in a French Army Relief Camp in Munich, Germany after World War 2.  Her Polish, Jewish parents, Oscar and Faye Fishman, had survived multiple concentration camps and were liberated from Dachau.

He was born in a holler in Eastern Kentucky as the youngest of 17 children to poor, hardworking farmers Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs,  who instilled the Pentecostal faith into their lives.

Both stories, although extremely different, began in 1947.  Two decades later, Joe Isaacs, a bluegrass artist on Decca Records, and Lily Fishman, an Off- Broadway actress and folk artist on Columbia Records met in Greenwich Village, New York.

In 1970 they married and soon became Christians, singing together.  This was the merging of two worlds and the beginning of the sound of The Isaacs.

In 1972, 74, and 75, Benjamin, Sonya and Rebecca Isaacs were born.  In perfect 3 part harmony they began singing together as children. With their father’s teaching, they soon became the band for the Isaacs.

In the 80’s The Isaacs signed their first of many recording contracts and soon graced the stages of Bill Gaither and the Grand Ole Opry, where they still perform frequently.  With the help of executive producer Terry Bradshaw, they recently started their own record label, House of Isaacs.

They have won numerous awards in gospel, bluegrass, and country for their recordings, writing and producing.  Collectively, they have 7 Dove awards and 12 Grammy nominations.

They have performed on 100’s of mainstream albums for artists including: Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Dolly Parton, Alabama, Paul Simon, and George Jones.

Of all of their achievements, the Isaacs are most proud of their philanthropy work as founders of the Fishman Isaacs Israel Initiative, helping Israeli Holocaust survivors, orphans, and soldiers.

The Gospel Music Association is honored to induct this ground-breaking family into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame