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2005 Inductees

Mylon Le Fevre

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Mylon Le Fevre was born into a gospel-singing family. When Le Fevre was 17 years old, his first song, “Without Him,” was recorded by Elvis Presley. Over the next year 126 artists recorded Le Fevre’s songs. At 19, he made his first album, marking the beginning of the contemporary Christian music era in the ’60s and paving the way for a new generation of gospel music that today is the best-selling style of gospel music. After a decade of recording success in the secular rock world, Le Fevre returned to the gospel after re-dedicating his life to Christ at a Second Chapter of Acts concert in 1980. With recording contracts at Word and later StarSong, Le Fevre founded Mylon Le Fevre and Broken Heart, becoming one of the most successful Christian rock bands in the 1980s. Broken Heart disbanded in 1991, but Mylon LeFevre’s ministry has lived on and he remains a preacher and teacher of the Gospel today.