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2014 Honorees

Michael Guido

By January 1, 2018May 14th, 2019No Comments

On January 16, 1983, in Los Angeles, through the ministry of Calvary Chapel, West Covina, a young man named Michael Guido came to Christ. His life would be radically changed as well as the lives of those God put in his path.

Guido’s passion for Christ and love for music would take him to secular and Christian concerts where he would seek to minister for Christ. He realized then the impact that the music industry had on the youth today. He saw that the platform given to these artists was the megaphone into the lives of kids. He also realized the great responsibility that artists faced in being in the industry and in the spotlight. His greatest desire was to see artists and their families, particularly those who shared a positive message of Christ, be encouraged and strengthened in their ministry. Various groups would ask him to tour with them and challenge them to grow in their walks with Christ.

As time passed, the pressures of business and the call of God to minister became equally demanding. “It was the summer of 1989,” Michael explains. “God was showing me, ‘I will not give anything to God that doesn’t cost me something’ (2 Samuel 24). After much prayer and fasting, I came to the place where I said, ‘Okay God, I will go. Christ must be my only provision.’ It was then that Celeste and I felt the call of God to go full time into the ministry.” So they closed down their family tile business and packed up their then 2 young boys and left for Franklin, TN, where they felt they would best be able to minister to artists and their families. And that is just what they have done through the service of PR Ministries.