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1973 Inductees

Lee Roy Abernathy

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Lee Roy Abernathy has achieved a posture in several facets of gospel music that would be acknowledged as being great. Possessing a creative ability, unsurpassed in this business, Lee Roy can be credited with several firsts. He has taught thousands to play piano by mail. He was the first to publish gospel music, in shaped notes, into sheet music. When selecting the top few making the greatest contribution to gospel music as a writer, teacher, performer, producer, promoter, or just an influential personality that inspires everyone around him to fo greater things, very few would equal Lee Roy Abernathy. He sang with The Rangers, Homeland Harmony, Miracle Men, and the Happy Two with Shorty Bradford. He wrote “He’s A Personal Savior”, “A Newborn Feeling”, “I Thank My Savior for It All”, but his signature song was “Everybody’s Going to Have a Wonderful Time Up There”. The song was later known as the “Gospel Boogie” and was recorded by numerous artists like Johnny Cash and Pat Boone.

Lee Roy Abernathy died on May 25, 1993 at the age of 79.