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2001 Inductees

Keith Green

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Before entering his teenage years, Keith Green had a recording contract with Decca Productions and became the youngest member of ASCAP at 11 years old. But his predicted teen idol status never emerged, and Green searched for meaning through drugs and various Eastern religions. Undergoing a true conversion in 1975, Green and wife Melody began taking in “street people” during the fledgling days of what would later become the Green’s Last Days Ministries; and recorded the ground-breaking For Him Who Has Ears To Hear for Sparrow in 1977. On July 28, 1982, a small plane crash took the lives of Keith, his three-year-old son Josiah, and his two-year-old daughter, Bethany. He was only 28 years old. Keith Green’s musical legacy was rooted in themes of worship, testimony, devotion, and evangelism. As Keith served the needs of others during his lifetime, his music still serves to inspire believers today.