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​Nominee Consideration

Is there an individual who has made a profound impact on Christian & Gospel music but is not yet inducted into the Hall of Fame?


​See below for guidelines and nomination details.


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1. Basic Standard: Nominees are to be judged on the degree of their contribution to the advancement of gospel music and on the breadth of their impact.

2. Candidacy: Nominees shall be divided into four categories: black gospel, inspirational/CCM, non-performance and southern gospel/country/bluegrass. Only individuals who are not primarily known as performing artists may be elected in the non-performance category.  An individual may be elected in any category irrespective of whether such individual is living or deceased; provided that a deceased individual shall not be eligible for election to the Hall of Fame until two (2) years after such person’s death.  However, if nominee passes after being officially added to the slate they shall remain on the ballot and inductee if selected by Electors.

3. Election: The nominee in each category who receives a majority of votes by electors shall be elected as a Hall of Fame inductee.

4. Scope of Activity: Identification of the scope of a nominee‘s activity in gospel music shall be flexible. Nominees may have excelled in a narrow, specific sphere such as songwriting, publishing, musician, recording artist, etc., or a nominee may have been active in several areas.  In any case, nominees music have achieved definitive recognition and respect in the field of gospel music.

5. Span of Influence: An individual or group shall become eligible for nomination 25 years after they initially became involved in gospel music. The time factor of a nominee`s impact on gospel music is flexible. It may cover an uninterrupted span of many years, or it may cover distinct and separate time periods. Conceivably, a nominee may earn Hall of Fame election by one transient act, providing the impact on gospel music is deemed historically significant. Longevity of involvement in gospel music will not in and of itself warrant recognition.

6. Influence of Others: A significant criterion in evaluating a nominee will be the degree to which the nominee multiplies his/her/their influence through others to create an impact on gospel music far beyond his/her/their own direct individual contribution.


Code of Conduct:

As a Christian association, it is our position that GMA Hall of Fame Inductees reflects a lifestyle in keeping with Christian principles upholding the moral tenets of the faith and biblical guidelines (1 Timothy 3:2) given for leadership.

The GMA Awards and Criteria committee is commissioned to evaluate Nominees on the degree of their contribution to the advancement of gospel music and on the breath of their impact. It is not an investigative body and relies on public information available to inform all nomination decisions prior to the nominees being voted on by a body of electors.
A person is not eligible to be a GMA Hall of Fame nominee if they have been publicly accused of an act of moral turpitude, a violation of federal or state law or any other conduct which subjects them or the GMA to public ridicule. If substantiated charges are brought against a current GMA Hall of Fame inductee, the GMA Awards and Criteria committee will convene and determine if the honor awarded should be revoked.


1. A Nomination Packet shall consist of a completed nomination form procured from the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame or its website, which includes recordings, news clippings, magazine articles or other informative, factual data about the candidate. This material shall be submitted to the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame by the date specified by the Nomination Committee. All nominees with a completed Nomination Package be presented to the Nomination Committee for review.

2. Each year the Nomination Committee shall, by majority vote, nominate Hall of Fame candidates as official nominees.

3. Nominations will be guided by the Hall of Fame Criteria established by the Nomination Committee.

4. Nominees will be chosen by merit alone, whether living or deceased. 


1. The independent accounting firm will record all nominations received.

2. The nominees submitted by the Hall of Fame Committee shall be considered a finalist, and their names shall be entered alphabetically on a final ballot.


1. The nominees will be listed alphabetically on a ballot to be mailed by the accounting firm no later than the date established by the Nomination Committee each year.  An identical ballot shall also be established online, and Electors will have the opportunity to cast their vote either by mail or online. A copy of the Hall of Fame Criteria and a brief biographical sketch of each nominee, as well as a full list of Hall of Fame members will appear online in addition to the ballot.

2. Electors will be instructed on the final ballot to vote “Yes” only for those nominees worthy of election to the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame.3. Final ballots must be received by the accounting firm no later than the date established by the Nomination Committee each year to be eligible.

4. A nominee receiving affirmative votes by a majority of electors shall be declared a Hall of Fame inductee.

5. The GMA Foundation staff will have no say whatsoever as to who is or is not elected for induction. The function of the staff shall be to process the nominations, to coordinate meetings and to produce the annual induction ceremony.


The GMA was founded in 1964 by a group of Southern Gospel industry executives to serve their community through education and exposure. Since that time the association has evolved to include all genres of music that are united by lyrical content that points to Jesus Christ. Like the broader Church, our styles represent a wide variety of races, ages and demographics. We believe firmly that the message and freedom of Christ is for all people.

Also, like the Church, the story of our community is not blameless in this cause. We are a broken people but, thankfully, God uses humanity in spite of its brokenness. As a result, aspects of our community and our history would not live up to the standards that we set currently to love and respect the diversity of God’s people.

While we cannot change the past, we acknowledge that we can do better as we move to the future. To that end, the GMA is actively working to create a foundation, system and structure that gives voice to all of our communities. Below are just a few intentional efforts that have been made:

– 30% of Board Members are BIPOC

– Active Committees that are focused on: Diversity, Gospel, Latin, Hip Hop

– 30% of GMA Workforce are BIPOC

– Diversity in Events/Broadcasts: showcasing genre diversity representing at least 30% of programming

To be clear, we do not condone racism in any form and are actively working to create unity and connection among our community. Our heart is to educate, celebrate and invest in the future of the entire Christian/Gospel community to see more lives impacted with the Message of Hope found in Christ.