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2016 Inductees

Howard Rachinski

By January 1, 2018May 14th, 2019No Comments

Howard Rachinski is Chairman/Founder of Christian Copyright Licensing International, Inc. (CCLI), and creator of the Church Copyright License, which helps churches comply with the copyright law. CCLI is currently serving approximately 250,000 churches in over 30 countries. In addition, Howard has also overseen the development and successful implementation of a master recording reproduction license, a church worship streaming license and an on-line song database, enabling extensive song research, audio sampling and lyric and sheet music downloading through means of an annual subscription service. Through these resources, Howard has overseen a greatly-valued and successful ministry to churches and, at the same time, has been a significant contributor to the fairness of song value to songwriters, artists, publishers and record companies.

Howard has experience as a songwriter, arranger, record producer and music sales manager, and is recognized as an experienced seminar leader and contributing editor in music copyright law issues. His experience also extends to the local church arena where he was an associate pastor for seven years, and a music minister for five years in one of the nation’s largest churches, where he directed an 80-voice choir and a 30-piece orchestra.

Howard is also recognized as an enthusiastic conference speaker and specializes in teaching on church music culture, music ministry and team development.